Be a master of your work plan. Deliver while you are biking or while you are running or skating in the morning. Want to take a ride for a few hours after work and earn miles or you prefer to ride and deliver only on weekends? You are the only one who decides! It's all up to you. You the boss, and you determine your delivery hours and also you determine what kind of services you provide and what area you are available.  Your movement is the most important to us. Make most of your time spent driving, biking, running, or even skating! While you move you earn, you connect and help communities you get to discover the cities not just in the USA but all around the world*! Be a global citizen! Choose your kind of delivery depending on how you move most often! Becoming part of our fleet, you are becoming a part of a wider community of independent forward-minded people around the globe. We will provide you with great app for iOS and Android that will make things simple but efficient. Depending on the license you choose you can earn great rates providing valuable services to customers and communities worldwide.



No matter what kind of business you are in we are confident that working together we will find ways to make things that matter in the right way. We will provide solutions to reach higher levels of productivity while enabling your teams to engage in a way that will help transform the whole company culture while increasing your customer level of engagement. Our business solutions would provide not just deliveries but it could help to reorganize the whole logistics chain of your enterprise by creating comprehensive solutions managing your shipments from warehouses to stores or your deliveries from your store to your customer's door. In these difficult times when the business environment is rapidly changing We can build fully customized web platforms and we can merge your new e-commerce with your traditional in-store shopping and create new revenue streams and connect you with new customers miles away from your local store. We can build a unique storefront for you and display your in-store inventory to a global online market. 



You need urgent delivery right now?

We can do this for you in a matter of minutes. Just download the Premium Delivery app for iOS or Android, sign up and create your profile with us and start using our courier service. Our modern, on-demand platform is a gainful tool when you need urgent shipment. No matter if you are at your home and in need to order immediate delivery for groceries from your local store or you need someone to pick up your order from your local restaurant that you have just placed through the restaurant web site - our app connects you through a highly sophisticated algorithm to the closest geolocalized Premium Delivery courier and in minutes he will be at the location you choose to pick up your order or he can be at your door picking up the parcel that you need to be delivered to your parents home address. You can get your courier immediately even form your desktop right now! If you are in the office you find frustrating dealing with complex, subscription-based messenger services We can be a cost-effective, extra fast, sustainable and reliable solution available in just minutes away. Just sign up at pd.parceluniverse.com and request a courier or schedule pick-up and drop off, in several keyboard strikes using a pay-as-you-go model.






The story of us begins three years ago. A life long basketball friends met after twenty years and decided to have a drink. As it usually is, the memories were shared, and then comes the moment about work and future. One of us was working in the delivery industry the other in social media and digital marketing. One of us knew the third guy who was developing an on-demand taxi transportation platform and was running a successful GPS tracking company for companies running a huge fleet of vehicles. The guy who worked in marketing introduces the guy who worked in the delivery industry with the guy who worked in the GPS fleet tracking industry and at the next lunch we decided to launch! And that`s it. Here we are launching our on-demand, real-time tracking courier app in NYC. We decided in this struggling times to open the platform for all the guys who are willing to deliver food for NYC homeless and we encourage all of those who are willing to help to donate one dollar for every mile our couriers pass to provide food. pantry or protective gear for those in need in the great city of NY! We will deliver for free for veterans, homeless people of NYC, and families of front-line workers.


We envisage the delivery industry free of CO2 emission and we intend to start with NYC. We believe that the delivery business would be the backbone of every business and every e-commerce initiative. We also believe that small business logistics as well as big business logistics can be free of CO2 emissions. We are willing to work on creating a team of young, open-minded scientists, engineers, business owners, restaurants, community workers, commuters, bikers, skaters,, and runners, to work together in accomplishing the carbon-free urban delivery network in NYC and then we can go global. 


The ultimate, utopian idea behind the Premium Delivery platform was to work on a low cost, high-speed, sustainable delivery solution available everywhere on earth. We are confident to say that we created a unique AI solution, matching business or people in need of urgent sustainable urban delivery service, with the independent network of runners, bikers, skaters, or professional couriers geolocalized by their real-time location, who choose their own availability in time, area or service willing to provide. We have created the state of the art algorithm available to our customers as a  unique meeting place for everyone who needs a fast delivery service but cares about the environment. The technology we implemented in the Premium Delivery platform is providing opportunities for so many open-minded people willing not just to earn but to earn by contributing to a higher goal - cleaner, greener, and leaner urban communities. We would also like to help the urban communities by donating a dollar for every mile our couriers travel and we are determined to build a modern, sustainable (our couriers use only CO2 neutral vehicles or transportation means) place where the parcel delivery has a different value. The value measured not just in dollars and minutes but also in green, clean, and lean miles invested in better future and smart urban communities. 









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